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Wizard Zombie PVZ BFN

Wizard Zombie Abilities Leaked – PVZ Battle For Neighborville

We are going to take a look at that leaked abilities for the Wizard Zombie in PVZ: Battle For Neighborville.

For those of you who don’t know, we will be getting a new playable character called Wizard Zombie which will be available in March festival. Speculation of the new festival will be called Luck of the Zombie.

Currently, we don’t have any footage for these abilities in action. So this is just a guess on what the Wizard zombie abilities might do.

The is one ability that we know so far from recent Popcap Live Stream, so we do know some details of it.

wizard zombie bfn abilities
Image from Germanshu, fellow Youtuber.

This image was from a fellow Youtuber, Germanshu. He is known for data mining the Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbour content. 

Wizard Zombie Abilities

As you can see, we have four abilities for the Wizard Zombie. Let’s take a look at the Join and Leave abilities. It seems that these are part of the same abilities.

The name Join and Leave are just placeholders. But we will get the actual name of the ability when the Devs from PopCap will stream in the next episode from Twitch.

During the last live PVZ Battle for Neighbourville Dev’s stream, this ability was described as a transformation such as Acorn and Oak. It’s a little confusing at first, but basically, the Wizard Zombie can transform into a little Orb or a ball. The ball will be likely going to be the ball on top of the Wizard’s staff.

Once you transform into a ball, you will be joining in with your zombie’s team. If you’re playing in Garden OPS, you can attach to an NPC zombie such as bots.

When you are attached to your team, you will be given a special ability. The Devs have not described in detail what kind special ability it would be. You can also jump between other zombies whilst in this form.

Now if we are looking at the Leave ability, I’m thinking it would be going to work like the Garlic drone or the Parrot abilities. What I would imagine is that I would have to leave the Wizards body in an orb form. Meaning, it would leave me vulnerable in a place where the abilities was activated. 

However, Popcap developers made a reference that the Join ability is like an Acorn and Oak transformation. We are all interested to find out how the Wizard Zombie’s abilities actually going to work and the cool down for all those for abilities. Also, since you can attach yourself to other players, I wonder if you get a shared vanquish if your team vanquish an enemy.

staff slam wizard zombie pvz bfn

Let’s look at the next ability, which is called Staff Slam. Now this is an easy guess. I imagine it would be an area of effect attack where the Wizard slams his staff to the ground where he creates a shock wave effect where the plants gets stunned or damaged. A similar ability would be Imp’s Mech called Stomp. 

In terms of damage, I think it would have a fall off damage depending on how close you are to the wizard. Maybe you will receive 125 damage if you are real close, nut then it falls off to 25 damage if you are at the edge of the radius.

potion wizard zombie pvz bfnThe final ability is called Potion. This is it hard to figure out on what the ability can do. Because it has the potential to do lots of things. But from the image itself, it’s probably  that the potion can be thrown.

It could also be a healing item, similar to Scientist’s Sticky Healing ability. But it seems the Devs would not want another healer class at this point in time.

Maybe it could create an area of goo or damage to the plants that works like it does with Chomper, slowing enemies down. Or it could be an item where it can buff your teammates when thrown, where they get a temporary damage buff.

So at this moment, we are speculating on what the abilities for Wizard Zombie. But the Devs from popcap will have another live stream later this month of February, where they will explain in detail for the character Wizard Zombie. 

In conclusion, we have found out the abilities for Wizard Zombie, the new playable character in PVZ: Battle For Neighborville that’s coming in March.


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