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What is Far Cry: New Dawn All About?

Wow, Ubisoft has just revealed to us a brand new game trailer called Far cry New Dawn. The game is based on post-apocalyptic world. Set 17 years after a global nuclear disaster, Far Cry New Dawn drops players into a beautiful yet transformed Hope County, Montana – the primary setting of Far Cry 5.

We don’t know much about Far Cry: New Dawn gameplays, yet but players will be cast in the role of a survivor facing an entirely new threat in the form of the Highwaymen, a band of scavengers, led by The Twins, Mickey and Lou – the main antagonists of New Dawn. We will be tasked with mounting a resistance and strengthening the Survivors camp, who live in a base known as Prosperity.

This is where players will be able craft ramshackle weapons and vehicles and recruit new Guns for Hire, which are said to include “new and familiar faces”. But more intriguingly, this will also be where players access ‘Expeditions’, which for the first time in the series take players beyond the core map. These Expeditions are said to take place in “memorable locations across the US, from wetlands to canyons and more”.

A post-nuclear war setting would also put the Far Cry series on very interesting footing against a different, post-nuclear apocalypse first-person survival shooter: Bethesda’s Fallout series.

Far Cry New Dawn will be released?

Far Cry New Dawn will be released on February 15, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. At this moment, I can’t be sure on how much it will cost in retail price.


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