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Ultimate Genshin Impact Review- Here’s What You Need To Know!

Genshin Impact is a free to play open world online action RPG. Which will be reed first first on ps4, pc, android and ios. A Nintendo Switch will be revealed at a later date.

What is Genshin Impact?

There are lots of people assumed that Genshin Impact in an MMO RPG and even though it can appear that way, where a first glance is entire different experience. The game you’ll experience belongs to you and it’s up to you if you want to invite other people into your world or join your friends in their world to take part in co-op multilayer. 

The multiplayer in Genshin Impact currently supports up to four players and no what platform you play the game on you’ll still be able to play with anyone currently on the same server since it supports cross-play. When you first start Genshin impact, you can choose to play as ether or Lumen who for reasons unknown to us right now have the ability to travel between worlds.

 After being confronted by an unknown enemy at the start of the game they’re separated and the character that you chose is stripped of their power and thrown down into it. It’s a continent within the fantasy world that gentian impact takes place in. Now you’re trying to reunite with your brother or sister but it doesn’t seem like finding them will be a simple task. 

The world of Genshin Impact is massive and it’s densely packed with different activities to take part in and secrets to discover. you’ll have the freedom to explore the world at your own pace but it’s the story quest that will lead you through the game and introduce you to new characters and locations

As you play through the story you’ll learn more about the things that are happening within the world and you’ll get to see how they impact ether and Lumine’s journey but between the chapters of the main story there are other things that you can do too. While exploring the world you’ll find people that need some assistance and if you speak to them you’ll learn more about their problems and you can choose to help them out. Some quests may have simple objectives like cooking a meal but others could lead you to new locations or secrets that you may not have noticed.

Once the quest is complete, you can receive rewards like recipes, enhancement materials, money or even primo gems. You can even come across quests that are not indicated by any markers on the map and are instead discovered through your own curiosity while exploring. Even if you find people that don’t need your help with anything they might still be worth talking to. Since they can help you learn more about the world and its law and some may even give you useful items or even pieces of equipment. 

While exploring you’ll discover a variety of activities that reward you with items that are useful for upgrading your characters. These rewards can be rare weapon crafting or upgrading materials, items that are needed to increase your character’s level cap or even a type of equipment called artefacts.


One of these activities is called a ley line outcrop. Leyline outcrops are usually indicated by an area filled with a glowing elemental mist. Interacting with the missile starter challenge that will provide you with specific rewards. If you manage to complete the challenge, a ley line blossom will appear that contains your rewards. 

But in order to open it you’ll need to use a resource called original resin. Once you used the original resins, you will gradually recharge over time until they reach their maximum limit. But if you want to recover your resin instantly, you can use an item that is obtained from adventure rank rewards called fragile resin or you can use a currency called primo gems. This reward claim system is also used in domains and for specific bosses in the open world. 

What are Domains in Genshin Impact?

Domains are dungeon like areas that contain specific rewards that rotate daily and give items that are useful for upgrading your characters and equipment. With domains you usually need to complete a challenge that involves defeating a certain number of enemies and once the challenge is complete you can claim your rewards using original resin. There are also special types of domains called trounce domains that will let you re-challenge harder versions of story bosses for powerful rewards and you can also find other bosses in the open world that you can defeat for useful character upgraded materials artefacts and experience that goes towards your adventuring. Collecting the rewards from these bosses will consume original resin too. The activities that have resin requirements on rewards seems to be the main way to get specific items that you’ll need to make your characters stronger

It can feel a bit limiting at times if there’s a specific item that you want to farm but it’s also possible to get some of these items from quest rewards. They can be found in limited quantities within the shops in major cities and sometimes they can also be found in treasure chests. These treasure chests can be found in various locations throughout the world and they contain a lot of useful items. Some chests may be lower quality and only contains common items but you can find higher quality ones that have rare materials, weapons or even stat enhancing artefacts. These rare chests can be found in obvious locations that can be seen from a distance but there will be others that you’ll need to solve a puzzle, defeat enemies or even complete a challenge before you’ll be allowed to open the chest. 

The world also contains many games and side activities that you can take part in like gliding time trials across various different courses in the world or taking part in ring races that you may discover completely by accident. You can also hunt animals for their meat and gather other ingredients to cook meals that can enhance your stats or recover your health. These meals can be made at a campfire or in cooking areas within towns and recipes for new meals can be found at various places within the world. 

If finding collectibles in open world games is something you enjoy then you can hunt for all the elemental orbs within each region. Some are in fairly obvious locations but others may be in hard to reach places that will require some puzzle solving before you can reach them. 

When you collect enough of these orbs they can be brought back to a statue of the seven within the region that they were found. When you offer enough of them to the statue you will be rewarded with items, experience points, primo gems and a permanent stamina increase. 

Which is useful since your stamina is used for movement related actions like sprinting, climbing or gliding. If you ever get stuck or you’re not quite sure what to do next, you can check your journal to see if you have any unfinished quests or you can check your adventurous handbook. 

Your handbook has small objectives for you to complete that can point you in the right direction and provide you with additional rewards. It also shows you what drops you can find in domains and where you can find the enemies that drop items needed for upgrading your character or weapons. 

Whether  you’re exploring the world to find treasure or fighting bosses in the open world, you’ll get experience points that go towards increasing your adventure rank. When your rank increases you can get rewards from the adventurous guild and depending on the rank you reach, you can unlock new gameplay systems. 

Daily commissions are one of the things that you can unlock. These will give you new objectives to complete each day with rewards that include money primo gems and enhancement materials. Your world level is also something that increases when you reach certain adventure ranks. When your world level increases enemies will drop better items but the levels of enemies in the world will also increase making them more dangerous. 

In order to check if you’re prepared for certain world level increases, the adventurous guild will issue tests that can include taking on special dungeons. You’ll need to complete these tests in order to go beyond certain adventure ranks, so you’ll know if you need to level your characters and find better equipment. 

Before your world level is beyond something you can handle co-op multiplayer is another system that unlocks after reaching adventure rank 16. It doesn’t take too long to unlock but it does give you enough time to understand the gameplay systems before you join other people in the beta. 

It wasn’t possible for you to join people that are playing on the world level that you haven’t unlocked yet but it was possible for people playing on higher world levels to join people on lower ones. When playing in multiplayer up to four people can play together you can either join another person’s world or you can let up to three other players join your world. 

While in multiplayer solo focused content like important quests are paused and only the host of the world can interact with the treasure chests that are scattered throughout the open world. But it is possible for everyone to take part in all the other content like random world events, domains challenges, exploration, puzzles or even take down some of the world bosses together. 

If you do an activity that requires resins in order to claim the rewards, everyone will be able to collect their own rewards. If they choose to along with the main story, there will also be story quests that revolve around specific characters.

These quests will let you learn more about the characters in the game and get a better look at the lives. They normally lead based on the characters that have been revealed. So far, there will be over 20 playable characters in the game. Some of them will join you while playing for the main story but others can be unlocked by completing specific objectives or by using the wish system. When you make a wish, you can obtain new weapons and characters but the characters and weapons you get will be randomly selected based on what’s available in that wish. 

In order to make a standard wish you’ll need to use an item called a quaint fate. The standard wish will contain the majority of the currently available characters and weapons but there will also be special limited time wishes that spotlight specific characters or weapons. 

These wishes usually come with additional things to be aware of like a higher chance to obtain rarer characters that aren’t available all the time. The items used to make wishes can be obtained in various ways but the most straightforward way is by spending your primo gems on them. You can make wishes one at a time but it’s recommended to do a set of 10 wishes when possible. You’ll have a higher chance of getting something useful so it’s usually a good idea to save up your fates and primo gems until the characters or weapons you want are available.

In wishes, with each wish that you make you also get masterless stardust or star glitter that can be used in the Pieman’s bargain shop to buy useful materials, weapons or even new characters directly. If you manage to get duplicate characters while making wishes you will obtain a character specific item called a Stellar Fortuner which is used to unlock even stronger abilities for that specific character. 

Based on what I’ve seen from the open beta, it seems like people will be able to pay money for an item called genesis crystals which can be converted into primo gems. It’s also possible to buy a monthly subscription that gives you certain amount of genesis crystals up front in addition to a daily supply of primo gems. But it’s also possible to earn primo gems while playing normally, since it’s a currency that is given to you while doing various things in the game such as completing challenges, opening treasure chests, completing quests, raising your adventure rank, reaching achievement goals, completing flaws in the spiral abyss tower dungeon, reading tutorials and doing various other things all resulted in earning primo gems. 

And there were also times where additional primo gems was sent as gifts in the in-game mail and it seems like more will be distributed through item codes that can be redeemed in game so the more things you find while exploring and the more activities you take part in than the more primo gems. 

You can earn wishes but like I mentioned earlier, wishes are not the only way to get characters. There are certain characters that  will permanently join your party throughout the story and others can be obtained by completing special challenges like being able to unlock Zhang Ling. 

When you complete the third floor of the spiral of Bish dungeon, the same thing applies to weapons which can also be found in treasure chests. They can be obtained from quest rewards and they can be crafted too but during the beta phase, the highest rarity weapons and characters were currently only obtainable from wishes. 

Some of the rarer characters and weapons can have unique abilities but they’re definitely not necessary for you to be able to play and enjoy the game. The characters that you unlock, while playing through the story and from events, are good  enough to get you through all the quest and open world content. 

But having more characters means you have more options and more ways to take down enemies and overcome challenges. 

So, it’s unfortunate that currently there doesn’t seem to be a direct way that you can focus on unlocking a specific character that you want. There may be times during story quests where you’ll need to use a character that you don’t currently own but thankfully when that happens, that character will join your party temporarily and you can use their character until the quest or battle is over. 

It will also be possible for you to customize your characters in a few different ways. It’s been shown that you can obtain new designs for your glider and eventually a costume system will be introduced so you can customize your character’s appearance. But when it comes to customizing your characters to improve their performance in battles artefacts, seems to be where most of your character’s power and build diversity will come from.

Artefacts are pretty much this game’s version of armour depending on the rarity that you find they can drop with a variety of randomized stats and effects on them. Each one that you find will also be part of a set that will give you additional enhancements. If you equip a specific number of pieces from each set creating builds for each character based on the set bonuses and randomized stat’s that the artefact has becomes a bit of a mini game in itself. And as someone who likes loot based games i really enjoy the micro management that comes from gearing up all of my characters. Personally, I’m not a fan of Gacha systems in games but the one in generation impact hasn’t got in the way of me enjoying the game. 

So far the highest rarity characters and weapons from wishes can be strong, but it always felt like you could find some way to make the most of the characters and weapons you had the elemental combat system your character builds and the synergy between your party members.

All play a role in how you perform so having the best things from wishes can be nice but it isn’t a necessity in Genshin Impact. You can create a party of up to four different characters and each character will use one of five different weapon types. And these weapons combined with their skills will have a big influence on what a character can do while exploring the world or during combat. 

Some characters are focused on dealing damage others have skills that can heal the party. Some can use supportive buffs and others have skills that are useful for keeping enemies under control. Each playable character has two active abilities that are based on a specific element. 

These are called an elemental skill and an elemental burst, an element of skill is a character’s main special ability that will go on to a short cooldown after use depending on the character. An element of skill may function differently depending on if the skill button is held down or tapped quickly. Some can even be used multiple times before their cooldown begins. An elemental burst is a character’s ultimate ability that can’t always be used as frequently as an elemental skill. 

But because of this it usually has a much more powerful effect. Some elemental bursts can support the whole party others can completely transform the way a character plays and some can affect the state of the battlefield elemental bursts are charged. When you absorb elemental orbs and elemental particles which are generated after dealing elemental damage or after defeating enemies 

There are other ways that you can generate orbs but in general these are the main methods elemental skills and elemental bursts are what make each character unique and between all of the characters in the party. You’ll have eight skills that you can use as you continue to upgrade and level your characters. These skills will continue to improve and you’ll be able to upgrade them in ways that will make them more powerful or give them additional functions in battle

It’s also possible for your elemental abilities to interact with other elements to create elemental combos, you can also activate certain skills on one character and then switch to another so that they can get the benefit from the skill .

Instead, your elemental abilities can even affect the environment in ways that can completely change the battlefield, so you’ll need to think fast and adjust the way you play to take advantage of the situation. For example, it’s possible for a pyro element or character to set things like wood or grass on fire, this can burn enemy shields leaving them unguarded or create an environment that will benefit electro based characters. 

If you switch to an electro character and use one of their skills on an enemy that has been affected by pyro it will trigger the overloaded elemental reaction, which creates an explosion that deals additional pyro damage to enemies. There are tons of different elemental reactions to experiment with and they can give you a huge advantage during combat but you’re also vulnerable to the same effects that enemies are. 

So, if your character is wet and they come into contact with the cryo element, they will freeze, leaving them vulnerable until they’re broken free. Your character’s skills can also be used within the world to solve puzzles or find hidden secrets.  You can use certain character animals skills to lift yourself into the air so you can easily reach higher locations. You can use geo skills to create a weight to place on switches to reveal hidden treasure or you can use your Cyro skills to freeze water and create a temporary bridge.

There are a lot of characters to obtain and I’m sure people will discover how the characters that they own can be used to make interesting elemental combos. But even if you’re not actively using a character, they can still be useful since once you reach a certain adventure rank . 

You’ll be able to send them out on expeditions to find additional materials and other useful resources. There was a decent amount of content available when I played the Genshin Impact beta, but there’s still a lot more to come since Mihoyo (the developer of this game), have already announced that they plan on continuing to expand the world and what we’ve been shown so far is just the beginning each region in the game. 

It’s influenced by a specific element and that release at least two out of the seven planned major cities in their surrounding areas will be in the game along with new areas where new playable characters will be added to the game. 

As well as new enemies, new bosses and new events that take place in game for people to take part in some of these events that will happen at certain times throughout the year based on important festival days in the real world and others will be for special time periods within the Genshin Impact universe .

During the second closed beta, players had the chance to test the lantern rights festival this event came with its own storyline that gradually unlocked for players over the course of the event period. There were also smaller objectives that people could do each day like gathering materials to craft lanterns so they could earn equipment rewards. 

I’m hoping there will be more events like this throughout the lifespan of the game to keep things fresh and interesting for players and to give them even more rewards that they can earn. But during the beta I did notice that the underlying mobile game style progression systems could be a cause for concern. 

Genshin Impact is front loaded with a lot of story content so there’s definitely a lot to do at first . But there will be times where you’ll need to reach specific adventure ranks before more story is available and your options for reaching those ranks at a reasonable pace without consuming resins or primo gems which are fairly limited.

I can slowly see the main sources for these resources drying up and eventually leaving you constantly waiting for your resin to recharge before you can make any real progress. This could be a worry based on what I’ve experienced in the beta so hopefully things like events are rewarding enough to ease these concerns. This is only the beginning and based on what I’ve played so far. 

This is a very high quality game with a low barrier to entry and I think it will be an enjoyable experience for people that are fans of RPGs or open world games. Just keep in mind that even though Genshin Impact is high quality. it definitely has a foundation in mobile game design. When it comes to progression, there is a chance that the Gacha and resin systems may be off-putting to some people and could hurt the game. 

In the long run, if it’s not handled fairly but despite that I think Genshin Impact is definitely worth a try. I just hope the huge amount of potential this game has, it doesn’t go to waste. Genshin Impact will be released on PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS on September 28th 2020. The cross save will be enabled for PC, Android and iOS players, so you can use a pc if you want to play on a bigger screen with a keyboard and mouse or a controller. 

You can log into a mobile device and continue playing on there if you need to. Currently players on PlayStation 4 won’t be able to use their saves on any other platform. But it will be possible for them to join other players on any system while playing in multiplayer. So no matter what device you’re playing on, you’ll still be able to join your friends as long as you’re all playing on the same regional server. The global version will be subtitled in 13 different languages and you’ll be able to select English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese voice overs. 

For the characters, the recommended and minimum system and device requirements were also released recently. So if you want to take a look at those to see if your PC or mobile phone will be able to run the game,  I’ll put a link to the official news.

If you want to stay up to date with everything I’m doing if you want to see any of the other gameplay videos that I make for Genshin Impact and other action RPGs then don’t forget to subscribe and remember to click the bell so you’ll be the first to know when a new video is available I’ll be making some new videos very soon.


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