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The New Character for PVZ Battle for Neighborville Will Be Wizard Zombie

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During the PVZ Battle for Neighborville last stream , the devs from Popcap had given us a surprised look on the new character. The new character of the PVZ BFN series, will be available to play in March 2020. We have given the new look on what the character will look like and the name character. The new name will presumably called ‘Wizard Zombie’.

In the next month, the devs will be give us in detail about the new character. But in the meantime, they have mentioned that few details about the the wizard zombie.

New Wizard Zombie Abilities

What makes the new character Wizard Zombie unique is that he is able to transform into a ‘wizard ball’ or an Orb and attached any other zombie players as well the Zombie NPC (bots).

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One cool thing is that if you have an ally who plays Captain deadbeard and he or she has deployed the Parrot Pal ability, the Wizard Zombie will be able to transform into an Orb and be able to attach to the parrot giving a “special ability” as quoted from Rob Davidson, the Game Director for PVZ Battle for Neighborville. 
“It really change the Meta alot, when there’s a couple of them running around. It’s a lot of fun.”
We don’t know at this stage what the other abilities are. But we will find out the next stream (link).

How to unlock the Wizard Zombie in PVZ Battle for Neighborville?

In March, you will be able to get the new character and an extra costume from grinding coins or you can unlock it from the Prize Map in March from ValenBrainz festival when it goes live similar when how we get the legendary upgrade on the golden path. The prize map will have a Legendary Costume and Legendary Upgrade for the Wizard Zombie.  At this moment, we won’t know if we are able to unlock the character from the Reward-A-Tron 3000 by using our coins. The Wizard Zombie will be great new content for PVZ Battle for Neighborville. It will bring a new meta of the game. More details will be in the next stream in February next month from the devs stream.


It seems that John Lunasco, Community Manager for PvZ: Battle for Neighborville has misspoke about the new character, Wizard Zombie in PVZ BFN. Here is the new twit from him.   What do you guys think about the new information on the character for PVZ Battle for Neighborville? I’d love to hear some comments below.



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