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Streaming for BFV – Can’t Wait

As I’m writing this in the dark, fixing few things like my OBS, my site, I want to say that I can’t wait to play BFV. But to me I find it strange that the BFV has different launch dates. I guess this is to compensate that EA won’t be selling premium for Battlefield 5. From what I heard EA has premium access for game.

Anyway I have just reinstalled OBS (long story as to why I had to reinstall everything). I have also, reinstalled my Restream.io chat software and the Streamlabs. Hopefully, during streaming i won’t have any hiccups.

Why going back to streaming?

I guess it’s always at the back of my mind – the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of money. At the moment, I’m currently jobless, it’s a depressing moment to go through in jobless situation. But I have no choice, as mentioned before here , I have to look after my wife since she has to through a radiotherapy session. Everyday, I have to take her to the hospital with the 2 kids tagging along. Everyday, she feels pain before and after the radiotherapy session.

As to why I’m going back to streaming, doing something to my website? Well, it keeps me sane, at the same time I want to monetize from the work that I do. I’m not asking for anything but if I don’t do anything now I won’t achieve anything in life. I guess this is a way for me trying to achieve something. Who knows, one day I will be like Ninja and other great content creators.

Schedule for streaming

Anyway, don’t miss out my streaming. I would probably stream on 15th November 2018 at 11am to 12pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Not sure if I should streaming with Webcam, again, you know what I’m like, introvert..(for some reason, I had forgot about the word, trying to think). Anyway, peace out and here’s to more content! ?


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