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So Who Am I?


Ok, things will get personal from now on. I had an epiphany. I always get into a zone where I often ask that question to myself as to what I have achieved.

See I told you, things will get personal from now on. I tried so hard trying from hiding myself from the outside. I love gaming and I’ve started streaming, making videos because I have the resources recently. But I haven’t really added more content. This is because well..few factors.

  • Family gets in the way
  • Being a dad and looking after my wife (long story, will tell you guys in the future).

So anyway, I just want to give you guys on an update about myself. To be honest, I was hesitant to write personal things about myself since I’ve never done these things before. But I’ve been motivated to this since it’s that question which always comes up “what am I doing with my life?”. That question sort of motivate me in writing more about myself. I guess this platform is a journal about my life.

I’m actually excited and nervous at the same time, wondering what will people think. And what will the people that I know will think? By the way, I’m fast typer but at the moment, my fingers are starting to hurt. Even though I’ve got a beast of a mechanical keyboard, the Corsair K70 Gaming Keyboard. Which to this day, I have not unsealed the sticker of my keyboard.

Before I go, I want to say that I was thinking of a video blog, but I’m more of an introvert. Therefore, I don’t tend to use a video of myself. Finally, this blog or this category will be more on my personal side. The gaming side will still be there. I will write more from now on. I’m opening up and getting out of my comfort zone!

Cheers, all. Talk to you soon!


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