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Roadhog’s Hook Feels Like a Buff, Not a Nerf – PTR Changes for Overwatch

Roadhog – My favorite character on Overwatch. He’s fat, slow and that hook can get you anyone if you’re super accurate. “Come here!” Reminds me of Scorpion from Mortal Combat. With the current PTR, Roadhog will receive a nerf. But players on the Overwatch forum still think that he is buffed, not nerfed. Prior to the hook of 2.0, Roadhog can do amazing things if you hook someone. If the enemy team is  hiding over a ledge or behind wall peeking, Roadhog can instantly hook you. Now with the Hook 2.0 things have change. What’s more is that Blizzard has again about to nerf Roadhog even more.

PTR changes for Roadhog

Here is what the Lead Designer of Overwatch has to say:
We have a new build coming soon that has some Roadhog and Winston changes to test out. Roadhog:
  • Scrap Gun – Spread decreased by 20%
  • Chain Hook -Targets are now pulled to a location 3.5 meters away, up from 2 meters. Cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds

What Does it Mean for Roadhog on the PTR?

His left click of bullet spread will be reduced by 20%. This would mean that if you have a good aim, you can still do a one shot kill. In fact, players who have tested on the PTR suggests that Roadhog’s left is more of a buff rather than a nerf. Whilst it’s true it’s now a bit harder to 1 shot heroes with hooks, Overwatch players are able to hit constant 220 HP on Reaper at close to mid range (within 20 meters) with “bad” aim. Players can hit constant 100 plus HP on healers/dps  characters and constant 300s (per second) on tanks. Characters such as Winston and Zarya are a joke at this point if they get anywhere near Roadhog, using the hook actually wastes time on killing them. This is by far the biggest buff to Roadhog since his release, and the 2 second hook cooldown is nothing compared to how much stronger Roadhog is now.
Courtesy: YourOverwatch

Chain Hook

On the PTR, his chain hook can now pull targets to 3.5 meters away. Meaning the target of the hook will be a bit further away. Currently, you can hook enemy players up to 2 meters. Finally, chain hook for Roadhog cooldown will now be increasing from 6 to 8 seconds.
So what you guys think? Have you tried the PTR for Overwatch yet? What is the future for Roadhog? Leave a comment down below. Also, I would appreciate so much if you were to share this article from the social media buttons below.


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