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Orisa The New Overwatch Character – Overview on Skills, Ablities and Opinions

Orisa, the new character from Blizzard. She’s currently live on the PTR. She was built by Efi Oladele, the young girl who is a recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “genius grant”. Efi was at the airport after the OR-15 was damaged from Doomfist’s destruction at Numbani. Orisa is an alternative tank between Reinhardt and Bastion where she can deploy her shield and has 200 ammo count.


  • Currently, she has 200 ammo count called the Fusion Driver.
  • Her left shift is Fortify. This is a defensive mechanism when dealing with damages and enemies action
  • Her right click is a miniature of Zarya’s Graviton Surge.
  • She Protective Barrier just like Reinhardt’s shield.
  • Finally, her Ultimate is a Super Charger. What this does is a power up to you allies of fifteen percent. Sort of like Mercy’s abilities but your allies needs to be line of sight.

Fusion Driver

With 200 ammo count and 12 damage per shot, 24 damage for head shots, she is basically like Bastion or Soldier 76. Almost, like a DPS character. She can unload her entire mag within 17 seconds which totals with the 12 damage per shot is around 140 DPS.

She is slow when she fires it. Almost like D.Va’s Mech.


Halt is a miniature of Zarya’s Ult. It can drag enemies towards the position you throw. Place this Halt abilities on Ilios Map right in the middle of the hole and see your enemies sink all the way down the hole.

Protective Barrier

Her second abilities is Protective Barrier. With this, Orisa can throw her Protective Barrier that can protect her and her  allies from enemies fire. It has a twelve seconds cool down with a total of 900 HP. It last of twenty seconds or until it is destroyed. It’s similar to Reinhardt shield but a bit smaller.

It fires like an arc from Orisa’s arm. So if you aim high enough you can place this barrier a bit further.


Her third ability is Fortify. With this ability she can reduce her damage when taken. And she cannot be affected by enemies action such Reinhardt’s Ultimate. It seems that she can take incoming damage by fifteen percent. Fortify has a 10 seconds cool down. She can also fires and moves while Fortify is activated.

Super Charger

Orisa’s ultimate is very interesting one. It’s a power boost of fifty percent to her allies and herself. The Super Charger has to be in line of sight of your team within 7 meters. Otherwise, your team mate won’t receive the boost.

Is Orisa Viable?

Orisa who plays her role in as a tank character. At the moment it’s what we need right now, a new tank hero.

You have Reinhardt who has 1000 shield but has limited movement when his shield is up. Roadhog, a hero who counter attack any flankers and defeat enemies who are out of position. Right now, Orisa what we need. Even though she’s a bit slow. But she’s in the middle between Reinhardt, and Bastion.

So tell us, how would you play Orisa strategically? Have you played her on Overwatch PTR? Share us your thoughts in the comments down below.


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