My PC Specs

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Just in case you’re wondering, here are my PC specs. If you live in Australia you would know that everything cost more than if you live in the United States. The total cost of my PC is around $4600AUD.

Hopefully, with the beast PC that I bought, I can do something valuable which is to what I’m doing now, blogging and streaming, online business.

What about YouTube videos?

I still have my current YouTube channel, I just don’t bother editing videos at the moment. To me it’s time consuming and I don’t get ads revenue at the moment from YouTube videos. I just stream my gameplays and it automatically uploads my stream sessions.

Where to buy the best PC gears and hardware?

If you currently live in Australia, I suggest you go to PLE. They have lots of different variety of pc hardware.

Here are the PC specs:

[table id=1 /]

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