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Medic Class Needs Improvement – Battlefield V Opinions

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing all Battlefield V Class. But there is an elephant in the room where we don’t talk about whats lacking at the moment. Which is the Medic Class in BFV. I love playing medics in every BF game but I think that I will skip them in current game because for god sake those weapons sucks so hard on open maps.

I feel that the current state of Battlefield 5 medics are needed for some good attention. At the moment the Medic Class Weapons faced with only SMG.

Should Dice Improve Medic Class in BFV?

To me, at the current state of BFV they are only good in Close Quaters Battle but most classes have access to weapons which are really good also on medium/long distance. In all previous Battlefield games, medics were in quite good spot with their weapons but now? We have two maps which are good for CQB encounters but rest of maps are quite open and medic SMG’s are well, they sucks. Even on those closed maps they are open areas where you can get easily killed by other classes which have access to more accurate weapons/better for medium distance.

These weapon of choices in Battlefield 5, is very weak. It takes a lot of rounds just to kill an enemy at medium range.

My suggestions would be medics can use DMR type of weapons like the assault class.

Yes we all know that ranking up gives greater choice of weapons. But since medic plays a vital role in healing and reviving, I just feel that they need to somehow make the medic class a bit more attention in terms of the weapon choices that’s given at the start.

I can’t kill someone who is 15-20 meters away from me because my SMG sucks, I can’t heal/revive because I will die. This is not WW2 simulator game, neither historic accurate game and medics should be able to fight effectively other players.

Long story short: give us access to weapons which can be effective on open maps.


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