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How To Unlock Legendary Stickers on Infinity Time – Tips and Strategy – PVZGW2

I have encountered much hate and ignorance towards the “new” Infinity Time Mode. Many people seemed to be hating the idea of a somewhat endgame oriented mode and some just think it too hard, so I thought I would take a few minutes to write down what I have learned and observed in the hours I spent unlocking all 6 characters. I am playing alone on the PS4 console so I can’t account for possible differences between versions or in group play. So let’s get started:

Unlocking Legendary Characters:

To unlock Legendary Character Stickers you need 25k (25000) Time shards, no less, no more. Once you get 25,000 Time Shards, you will get your Infinite Chesty Chest containing at least 1 Legendary Sticker – you might get more but only 1 sticker will be shown, so you might want to check in your compendium how many you actually unlocked.

Know your skills!

L1 (or LB) on your controller – Charge: This is your Panic button, you should use it to escape if the PVZ Zombies or Plants are attacking you. Do not hesitate to charge through smaller packs of enemies since you are invulnerable while charging. Triangle – SuperPower (I shall refer to it as ‘SP’ from now on): This boosts your normal laser with more damage and Splash, use it for anything bigger than the normal gnomes and cancel it once the immediate danger is over as you want the cool down to refresh asap. R1 (or RB on Xbox One) – Stompy skill: Just don’t use this please just don’t. It incapacitates you for so long. All ranged enemies will pound you, so if you find yourself stuck in a mob just use charge to get away.

Know the map!

Use some time to just fly around to get an idea of the terrain since you got like infinite time on your hands anyways.

Use the corners to your advantage!

Many attacks can be dodged by breaking the line of sight. These types of enimies are Shooty Gnomes, most floaty attacks, the big balls of the gnome kings, the laser from the big gnomes etc.

Prioritize your enemies!

Your priority will be somewhat depending on your personal play style but as a general guideline it should something like this:
  • Floaties – Anything that can stun/disable you (Chompers/Engineers/Citrons/Roses/Imps etc.)
  • Anything that might damage you (explody gnomes/Big Gnomes/Nemesis stuff)
  • The rest of other enemies

Nemesis waves

They don’t interest you. You do not have to destroy tombstones/garden. You need to get to a position where you feel comfortable fighting plants/zombies, preferable with an escape route should you get overwhelmed. The only thing you get by destroying the stones/gardens is harder enemies and 1000 bonus coins, once the time runs out they will just respawn and all you need to do is kill the remaining enemies.

Shards Are Good, Shard is Life!

Leave some time shards lying around for that time when you really need some health.


Whenever I see Floaties pop up I rush towards them, look around if there are explody gnomes nearby and if they are I finish those quickly,  I use my SP (SuperPower) and focus the floaty down as soon as possible while moving closer and under it (since most Floaty skills can’t hit you if you are directly below). By the time I pass the Floaty, it should be done for and I can either kill the gnomes chasing me, or charge through them toward the next floaty. Note: if your SP (SuperPower) is not over by the time you killed the floaty make sure to cancel it so the cool down can start and you can use it for the next one).

How to Defeat The Gnome Kings

Every 5 waves a Gnome King will spawn. Do not use your SP (SuperPower) at first! The first Gnome King, you can use SP (SuperPower) for him if you want to. Once he is dead all, other enemies will respawn and you will get the shards for them. The more interesting Gnome Kings are the ones after wave 1. They have 2 main attacks, shiny glow balls and a rainbow laser. The balls hurt like hell and are HOMING, you want to dodge those either by outranging them or by breaking line of sight via corners. The laser really is kind of lacking, while you might feel the need to panic with all those sparks in your face, the damage isn’t that scary. So now that you know his skills and don’t have to fear him you can bring him down to about 66% (hitting his head gives bonus damage). At those 66% he will summon gnome reinforcements, it is now up to you if you want to deal with them now or ignore them and just focus the king. Personally i prefer kiting the king while killing the Gnomes. At about 33% life the Gnome King will vanish and spawn gnome and plant/zombie reinforcements as well as a huge ass plant/zombie. Depending on the type of plant/zombie this might be your priority and you might want to pop your SP (SuperPower) to damage the big one or to get rid of some small stuff. TIP: Bring the big one to like almost dead and wait for your SP to become ready again, then kill it with your normal attack. When you killed the big one the Gnome King will re-emerge and you should focus him down now – pop your SP and kill him. Once he is dead everything else will die and you get the shards. Also you get healed to full life after killing a Gnome King. Every Gnome King is the same and never really gets any harder (until wave 30 that is where 2 gnome kings spawn, but who needs to go there when you only want 25k shards).

25,000 Shards. YAY!

You should have your 25k shards at wave 25-27 depending on i don’t know… luck probably.


After wave 10 and wave 20 a singularity will spawn (huge glowing electric ball), avoid them at all costs! they hurt like hell and can’t be killed. Just keep an eye on them so they don’t surprise you in the heat of battle. So that’s pretty much what I could think of now at the top of my head.  If you guys think of something I should add or have a question, feel free to post them here and I will try to answer them. Happy Gnome slaughtering.



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