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Boba Flex

Clash Royale is best described as a collectible card game that meets a real-time strategy game. You have a deck of 8 cards, with 4 in your hand at one time. You use elixir (An energy unit that recharges over time) to summon cards onto the battlefield. Then, you deploy them to attack the enemy’s crown towers in the 2 lanes, each having a tower, along with a center king tower.

Destroy a crown tower, and you can go after the king tower. Destroy the king tower. Now you have to do so in 3 minutes, with the last minute providing double elixir. Otherwise, the player who has destroyed more crown towers is the victor.

If towers are tied, then there’s a 1 minute sudden-death overtime where the first person to destroy a crown or king tower wins. The king tower does more damage to incoming units and hurts the units more than the crown towers.

Here are the links to the videos on my YouTube channel:

Rushing and Beating Noobs in BTD Battles



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