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Blizzard Bans Players on Exploiting XP Farming In Custom Game Mode

Players are taking advantages of the Skirmish mode by being in active (AFK) to farm for XP Points. These XP points will then be used to buy Loot Crates for skins and Rare items. But Blizzard are taking at a stance on people using this exploit and warns players from doing this type of behaviour on their official Overwatch.

Is it OK To Farm XP Points in Custom Game?

Initially, players were confused if it was OK to go on Custom Game and gain lots of Experience Points. But Blizzard has finally confirms that it isn’t OK and if players are exploiting the Custom Game mode to farm for XP, they will be severely punished.

What Blizzard Is Doing to Counter Players Exploiting The XP in Custom Game?

Blizzard has implement no XP points when playing Skirmish in Custom Game. The game will also have a AFK timer in Skirmish Mode. Blizzard has taken further steps to players who are exploiting the XP farm by banning the completely.
It seems Jeff is very disappointed in players using this exploit and knew from the start that players will take an advantage of the XP farming.
They encourages players to report other players who are inactive trying to farm XP for the benefit of loot crates. Finally, the more players that will exploit the Skirmish Game mode by farming for XP (Experience Points), Blizzard will have no choice by turning off the experience gains in Custom Game. So, tell us, have you tried to gain XP points by being in active in Skirmish Mode? Did you know about the XP farming in Custom Game mode? Tell me your thoughts in the comment down below. Please share this article to let everyone know about how Blizzard will ban players who are XP Farming on Overwatch.


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