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Bethesda Support Ticket System Privacy Breach Shows Customers’ Personal Information

As if the Fallout 76 launch couldn’t get any worse. Bethesda has a major issue of privacy issue on its hand. Multiple users reported that they were receiving other players Fallout 76 support tickets that contained all their private information. This is all heated up from the bad controversy after people who bought the game Power Armor Edition were angry, rightly so, that their bags that they received, were cheap looking nylon material.

Well, finally Bethesda promised to make things right. They told the fans to submit a ticket online to get their replacement bags. That’s where the problems started. Some people who submitted tickets, realised that they had somehow had gotten access to parts of Bethesda’s support system. Which meant, they can access personal information of other customers and among other things. And it was a train wrecked from there.

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A twitter user, posted screenshot of her computer and wrote to Bethesda,

“I’m receiving other people support ticket on my Bethesda account. I have numerous people receipts for power armor set that includes their email and home address and the type of cards used”

Bethesda has made a statement saying,

As previously reported, on December 5, 2018, we experienced an error with our Customer Support website that resulted in the exposure of a limited number of customer support tickets. Upon discovery, we immediately took down the Customer Support website, remediated the error and restored the Customer Support website. We have conducted further investigation and analysis of this incident and would like to provide our Bethesda community with an update.

From our investigation, we have learned that, on December 5, 2018, there was a brief period of time during which customers accessing our Customer Support website may have been able to view the customer support tickets submitted by other customers during this same time period. Based on our current investigation, we believe this exposure window lasted approximately 45 minutes.”

People also found that they can update and even close support tickets. So, the bugs have been fixed now, according to Bethesda. They’ve also said that they’re investigating and apologised to its fans.

Maybe Bethesda should give another 500 atom credits just to make things right, am I right guys? Bethesda just couldn’t take a break .


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