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Becoming a YouTuber


Hi everyone. I’m StarGamer, an up and coming gaming YouTuber.

I’ve been playing and enjoying completing games in all types of games from PC to Xbox, for as I can remember. Starting youtube has been a great experience for me, as I’ve learnt patience, organisation skills, time management, perseverance and dedication?

I started my gaming channel at the beginning of October in 2018. It has been 3 months now, and it’s been a fun and enjoyable time editing and creating exciting and watchable content for all of my subscribers and viewers to enjoy.

I have uploaded and played a range of different types of Xbox One games from Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite to Call of Duty Ghosts and I’m looking forward to uploading some new gaming content in 2019 and years beyond that??

I’ve very much enjoyed becoming a YouTuber and I can’t wait to keep on growing my channel?

I hope that you are able to view, subscribe and share my gaming channel around with your family and friends?

My youtube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdfEXlRtIid1qO9jtjKSx_Q

Follow me on Instagram: @stargamer91


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