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Streaming for BFV – Can’t Wait

As I’m writing this in the dark, fixing few things like my OBS, my site, I want to say that I can’t wait to play BFV. But to me I find it strange that the BFV has different launch dates. I guess this is to compensate that EA won’t be selling premium for Battlefield 5. […]

Fortnite Hits 15 Million Downloads on Android

Earlier this summer, Epic Games finally rolled out the long-awaited Android beta for its wildly successful multiplayer sandbox survival shooter, Fortnite, which has drawn a massive amount of players to the title. Now, the developer has announced just how many mobile users have flocked to the game since the beta released in August, with there having been more […]

Narvik Is A Better Showcase For Battlefield 5

At Gamescom a few weeks ago, I got to spend about an hour and a half across a couple of days with Rotterdam, one of the two maps playable in the Battlefield 5 open beta. With the typical lack of co-ordination that you get at public events, it was a total mess. To make matters worse, Rotterdam […]

Battlfield 5 Beta Dates Revealed

Hey guys, just in case you’re wondering about battlefield 5 beta release date. Well, I’ve got EA’s has just realseased the datesd for the battlefield beta dates. Fans eager to test the historical accuracy of Battlefield V won’t have to wait much longer. Battlefield V’s open beta is scheduled to start at the beginning of September, with […]

How To Unlock Legendary Stickers on Infinity Time – Tips and Strategy – PVZGW2

I have encountered much hate and ignorance towards the “new” Infinity Time Mode. Many people seemed to be hating the idea of a somewhat endgame oriented mode and some just think it too hard, so I thought I would take a few minutes to write down what I have learned and observed in the hours […]

Blizzard Bans Players on Exploiting XP Farming In Custom Game Mode

Players are taking advantages of the Skirmish mode by being in active (AFK) to farm for XP Points. These XP points will then be used to buy Loot Crates for skins and Rare items. But Blizzard are taking at a stance on people using this exploit and warns players from doing this type of behaviour on […]

Orisa The New Overwatch Character – Overview on Skills, Ablities and Opinions

Orisa, the new character from Blizzard. She’s currently live on the PTR. She was built by Efi Oladele, the young girl who is a recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “genius grant”. Efi was at the airport after the OR-15 was damaged from Doomfist’s destruction at Numbani. Orisa is an alternative tank between Reinhardt and […]

Roadhog’s Hook Feels Like a Buff, Not a Nerf – PTR Changes for Overwatch

Roadhog – My favorite character on Overwatch. He’s fat, slow and that hook can get you anyone if you’re super accurate. “Come here!” Reminds me of Scorpion from Mortal Combat. With the current PTR, Roadhog will receive a nerf. But players on the Overwatch forum still think that he is buffed, not nerfed. Prior to […]