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What You Need To Know For New TTK Changes In Battlefield V

TTK Changes BfV

So with 11th December update, Dice made a significant change of the new TTK. The community has not been reacting really well. The new TTK means they are changing on how much damage to kill on certain weapons that deal with body parts. However, the damage of all weapons to the head remains unchanged and […]

Should Medics in Battlefield V Get Another Weapon Class?

With the December patch, which you can see the official website for the full patch note here, Dice have applied some changes to certain weapons in the hope that they could be rebalanced and make them attractive or less powerful. The KE7 was a big target for the team and would nerf to its horizontal […]

6 Tips Before You Start Streaming For New Streamers


As a brand new streamer, do you have what it takes to be successful when streaming on Twitch? I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to streaming online. That’s why I wanted to find out what are the great tips out there for new streamers. So, I came up with 6 great tips […]

Bethesda Support Ticket System Privacy Breach Shows Customers’ Personal Information

As if the Fallout 76 launch couldn’t get any worse. Bethesda has a major issue of privacy issue on its hand. Multiple users reported that they were receiving other players Fallout 76 support tickets that contained all their private information. This is all heated up from the bad controversy after people who bought the game […]

What is Far Cry: New Dawn All About?

Far Cry: New Dawn - granddeluxegaming

Wow, Ubisoft has just revealed to us a brand new game trailer called Far cry New Dawn. The game is based on post-apocalyptic world. Set 17 years after a global nuclear disaster, Far Cry New Dawn drops players into a beautiful yet transformed Hope County, Montana – the primary setting of Far Cry 5. We […]

Top 5 Best Strategy Mobile Games

There are lots strategy games out there on the market. Now days, everyone uses mobile to keep themselves entertained. Whether you want to kill time, or just plain bored, you can grab your phone and start downloading the best strategy games. I’m here to give you on what I think the best strategy games for […]

Red Dead Online – NEW LEAKS! First Image, RPG Elements, Story Missions, Modes & Release Date?

Red dead redemption 2 is has just been out for about 3 weeks and many out are wrapping out the story mission , wondering when Red Dead Online will be released.At recent Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of RockStar games, it was confirmed that the online component will be arriving later at the end of […]

Medic Class Needs Improvement – Battlefield V Opinions

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing all Battlefield V Class. But there is an elephant in the room where we don’t talk about whats lacking at the moment. Which is the Medic Class in BFV. I love playing medics in every BF game but I think that I will skip them in current game because […]

All BFV Weapons At Launch

In the explosive, dynamic sandbox that is the Battlefield™ series, it’s always been vital to know what’s in your arsenal. There’s a gun for every situation, a vehicle for every fight, and helpful gadgets to aid your squad in unique ways. In this post, we’ll go through what you’ll wield, pilot, and utilize when Battlefield™ V launches. At the […]