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6 Tips Before You Start Streaming For New Streamers


As a brand new streamer, do you have what it takes to be successful when streaming on Twitch? I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to streaming online. That’s why I wanted to find out what are the great tips out there for new streamers. So, I came up with 6 great tips on how to succeed on social media, especially on Twitch, which I think it’s the best streaming tips if you’re a brand new streamer.

6 Tips on Streaming:

  •  Get a webcam for streaming
  • Set up your room
  • Learn streaming software such as OBS
  • Why people should watch your stream
  • Reach out to social media
  • If it fails, change your plan

Now, first of all, this article is not for people who are just streaming for fun. If you just streaming for fun you probably wouldn’t want to read these great tips in the first place. This article is about how to be successful on Twitch. The success might be different to you than someone else. For you that might be, becoming the top streamer and play with Dr Disrespect or Ninja. Or maybe that success just means making extra income on the side doing something you already enjoy doing.

Both of those goals are just fine. But if your goal is to play with Dr Disrespect and Ninja, that goal is achievable, but it takes a lot of work.

Six most important things you need to start streaming.

So these streaming tips aren’t about where I tell you that you need the best microphone, latest webcam, or high specs PC. In fact, you can probably do all of these 6 things without spending too much.

You know you exactly why you started to streaming. It’s because you like playing video games and you like making money while playing. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your reason to start streaming. While some of these tips are more direct and some of them require a little more thought, everything on this list is helpful, especially the last 3 tips..

So let’s get started on what you need to know before you start streaming. And just reminder if you like these tips, make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and all the social platform.

1. Get a Camera If You Want to Start Streaming

This is the only piece of equipment on the list because it is very important. There are a million pieces of equipment that you want to buy as a streamer. None of them is vital for you to start, except for a camera. All the other pieces of equipment can wait, from expensive microphone, fancy computer, to Elgato Stream Deck. It doesn’t matter. If you want to start streaming, get a camera.

Your Twitch stream is made out of 2 things, your gameplay and you!. How you want to balance the importance of those things is entirely up to you and what you decide to turn stream in to. Which is something we’ll talk about later on this list.

But it is important that you must have both of those things. If your face is not showing in the stream, then it’s is nothing more than just a gameplay footage that’s someone watching on Youtube or Twitch for 5 hours and nobody likes to watch gameplay for 5 hours. You need to be in your stream. So if you can’t pick Logitech C920 for a reasonable price, find another camera. You can grab your laptop, use that as your webcam. It doesn’t matter what brand, just get a camera or a webcam on your stream.

2. Set up your room for streaming to engage your viewers

Now that you have a camera on you, set up your room. No one likes to see a messy bedroom behind you with a mattress on the floor. Your living spaces is an opportunity for you to show what you are about and who you are. Make yourself interesting. Make yourself someone that people are going to ask questions about your room. People aren’t going to stare at your face, they will see the background of your room such as the guitar in the background. That is a conversation starter between you and your viewers. You can also get a ring light so viewers can see the quality of your webcam.

But if you’re streaming in the closet and you don’t have that opportunity, set up a green screen like this one.

You can do cool stuff with a green screen. But setting up your room is more important than getting a fancy overlay. I’ve seen lots of partnered streamers with thousands of viewers with either a stock overlay from stream elements or even no overlay at all. For example Little Lexy, she has no overlay on gameplay screen but her room is really interesting looking.

3. Learn how OBS works

tips on obs

So when I started streaming about 3 months ago just for fun, I streamed right from the Twitch app from the Android app and Playstation Twitch app. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that great. So, familiar yourself with the software. Once you know how the OBS software works, you’ll be able to change things to max them to your personality. In fact, Ninja has 10 minutes tutorial on the basic of OBS. Experiment with the software, find out what you can do.

4. Figure out why people are going to watch you on stream

Did you know that there are over 3 millions individual broadcasters on Twitch? You are literally smaller than one in a million. You need to figure out what you can bring to the viewers. And nobody else can. I know that sounds overwhelming. But I want you to look back in your life. You’ve had at least one friend in your life. That friend chose to be your friend instead of anybody else’s friend. You have something that can drop people.

So here are the lists that you can ask yourself if you want to stream on Twitch or other streaming platforms. But make sure to take some time when answering these:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your passions?
  • What makes you unique?
  • How can you apply those things to your stream?
  • What do you like to play?
  • Are you good at specific games and you want to try becoming the best at that game and prefer focusing on your gameplay?

If you have a more outgoing personality and you’re not great at video games. Then I suggest you should be a variety streamer.

Another advice streamer named Ash recommended writing down a list of all the goods you’re good at and all the things that you like. And run through them and ask yourselves, “Can I make a stream entirely based off of one of these things?”

Now I’m not saying you have to be that particular. Just grab three or 4 of those things from the list above. You also need to figure out what your brand is. And build the rest of your stream around that brand.

5. Reach out to viewers with Social Media

Now that you’ve figured out your brand, how are you going to reach new viewers? Because frankly, it doesn’t matter what games you play, when you’re streaming off new. You’re going to be the bottom of the list of the thousands of people playing the same game you’re playing. People are not going to scroll all the way down there.

When I first decided that I was going to start on Twitch an effort, I started streaming 5 days a week, for 5 hours. I didn’t miss a single bit. After 6 months of that, I found 0 growth. And we’re not talking about the Playstation Twitch app. We talking professional overlays, animations on streams. It was an engaging stream for 5-6 hours. And not a single person jumped into my stream. That viewer number was literally zero for 5 hours. So, don’t think that you can just turn on the stream, grind it out and eventually you will grow. It doesn’t work that way.

Different ideas of growth are all of the places. If you are an incredible gamer, or maybe of having a large personality and incredible moment on stream, you can clip them, download the clipped the video from Twitch platform and tweet it out. I know a lot of streamers that grew extremely fast because they had a clip that went viral.

Streamers out there used Instagram to grow. They can start a meme on Instagram, then that can grow from millions of followers. The videos that you can add on Instagram, has a link that you can attach your Twitch channel.

With YouTube channel, you can also add 10 minutes of highlights about your stream. Write a catchy title that will attract Youtube viewers. You don’t need a great expertise in video production. Streamers growth didn’t starting happening until you start making videos on YouTube channel. Sit down, make a plan to reach as many people as possible and link back to your stream.

6. Be prepared to sink your ship

sinking ship

Chances are the ideas that you came up for wanting, isn’t going to be the jackpot. But right now of everything I included, make a plan and go HAM for 3 months and see what happens. If nothing changes from there, you can start making a new plan. Make some kind of adjustments.

This is the big part of the success formula on social media that’s important. Give something an honest effort, if it doesn’t work, change something.If something doesn’t seem to be fitting, don’t push harder. Don’t force it. There is a reason why that your plan didn’t work as you intended. You have to be willing to reflect on yourself and evolve. Eventually, one of your ideas will work.

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In conclusion

So, these are the 6 tips for the new streamers out there. If you think there is something I’ve missed or important in this article, leave a comment down below. It might help the next person that reads this article. Make sure to share this article to your friends on all social platform. And you can always follow my stream. I mostly play Battlefield 5, and I stream on all platform such as on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook. You may stream on multiple platforms at one go using, Restream.io.


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